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Showing 1 - 24 of 31 products
1 Gang Kinetic Switch1 Gang Kinetic Switch
Potter Cowan 1 Gang Kinetic Switch
Sale priceFrom £21.90
Sold out
1M LED Strip 2PIN NW
Potter Cowan 1M LED Strip 2PIN NW
Sale priceFrom £11.40
Sold out
3W LED Strip 222mm
Potter Cowan 3W LED Strip 222mm
Sale priceFrom £11.73
Sold out
Ardor Puriti Tap ChromeArdor Puriti Tap Chrome
Potter Cowan Ardor Puriti Tap Chrome
Sale price£316.47
Sold out
Aspen Spray Chrome
Potter Cowan Aspen Spray Chrome
Sale price£216.98
Sold out
Axle 50Axle 50
Potter Cowan Axle 50
Sale price£400.00
Sold out
B/U Larder Fridge
Potter Cowan B/U Larder Fridge
Sale price£429.72
Sold out
British Block 40x600x38
Potter Cowan British Block 40x600x38
Sale priceFrom £140.00
Sold out
Calacatta Marble 41X600
Potter Cowan Calacatta Marble 41X600
Sale priceFrom £107.00
Sold out
Ceramic Touch Control
Potter Cowan Ceramic Touch Control
Sale price£435.01
Sold out
Chepstow CeramicChepstow Ceramic
Potter Cowan Chepstow Ceramic
Sale price£490.05
Sold out
Combi Grill Microwave
Potter Cowan Combi Grill Microwave
Sale price£351.39
Sold out
Elemental Con 35X600X22
Potter Cowan Elemental Con 35X600X22
Sale priceFrom £256.00
Sold out
Ettra Undermount
Potter Cowan Ettra Undermount
Sale price£334.46
Sold out
Full INT 60 Dishwasher
Potter Cowan Full INT 60 Dishwasher
Sale price£517.56
Sold out
Inset/U/M Bowl Only
Potter Cowan Inset/U/M Bowl Only
Sale price£275.19
Sold out
INT Condenser w/ dryer
Potter Cowan INT Condenser w/ dryer
Sale price£868.96
Sold out
Karns Single Lever GoldKarns Single Lever Gold
Potter Cowan Karns Single Lever Gold
Sale price£350.00
Sold out
Leesti 150 Under Only
Potter Cowan Leesti 150 Under Only
Sale price£314.35
Sold out
Mode 45 U/Mount or Inset
Potter Cowan Mode 45 U/Mount or Inset
Sale price£304.82
Sold out
Modern BelfastModern Belfast
Potter Cowan Modern Belfast
Sale price£378.91
Sold out
Padua 41X600 Axis
Potter Cowan Padua 41X600 Axis
Sale priceFrom £230.00
Sold out
Putney Bridge A/B
Potter Cowan Putney Bridge A/B
Sale price£535.56
Sold out
Ridley Single LeverRidley Single Lever
Potter Cowan Ridley Single Lever
Sale price£316.47
Sold out

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