Coffee Machine - CM465

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  • Fully automatic
  • Full touch control with white LCD display
  • Settings can be adjusted for making various hot drinks such as short espresso, long espresso, normal coffee, long coffee, warm milk, warm water or cappuccino [Milk/coffee mix can be customised]
  • Coffee bean grinder
  • Coffee grinder adjustment to modify how fine the coffee beans are ground [13 settings]
  • Uses fresh coffee beans or pre-ground coffee
  • 5 Drink volume adjustments to modify the amount of coffee dispensed [Espresso, small, medium, large, mug]. Each size can be adjusted to fit your favourite cup.
  • 30 Auto programmes
  • Programme machine to switch-on and warm up at set time.
  • Makes 2 cups at a time
  • Milk jug
  • Steam nozzle to heat and froth milk
  • Hot water function
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 5 Coffee strength settings [Extra-strong, strong, medium, light, extra-light]
  • 1.8 Litre water tank
  • 200g coffee bean capacity
  • 15 bar steam pressure
  • Drip tray, to collect spillages
  • Used coffee ground bin
  • Stand-by energy saving
  • Water hardness setting
  • Cleaning warning
  • Descale programme

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